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From Posokoni

From Posokoni
Huanuni and the International Tin Conference 2010 in Canada
In the global context, in these times of globalization and computerization, beyond our borders, especially in the capital of the Bolivian tin, so many things happen that often have less to do with our reality is not mine but comes to know in the capital of the Bolivian tin and therefore comes to pass little or nothing to benefit the inhabitants of our village Huanuni.
But reviewing books, so many stories that can be counted on Huanuni, we will mention only some: it knows the potential of Huanuni Tin, the Bolivian tin baron Simón I. Patiño _ which became the eighth time in his world-millionaire, has acquired mines Penny Duncan, and Harrison in the late nineteenth century, have gained Cataricagua mines, all in our beloved Posokoni, which subsequently had to implement a Machacamarca ingenuity.
Close to 1920, the workday was 12 hours a day and a doubleheader was working 24 hours, redoubled margin call 36 hours, and if that were slightly bent reteque-48 at short intervals for food and rest and that in those days the miners were exhausted without seeing the sun, or their families, then propose this memorable days 5 hours reduction of working time, with this victory a milestone for the workers under the Huanuni miners 1919
Currently though Huanuni has high production figures but as noted, not according to the number of workers according to some reports disseminated in the national press, making monitoring the national media, we see that the government through his ministry of mining stage limited to see the good short-term metal prices of the devil but that does not care to stay in Huanui the benefit of the proceeds from the primary export of tin ..
Now, if we review the Web pages that deal with the problem of global tin such as www.mining.com www.panoramaminero.com.ar miningweekly.co.za and many more, we find a page I greatly struck: www.itri.co.uk
The ITRI is the International Institute for Research on Tin, according to its website is a deliberate organization specialized in tin mining, ITRI is the only organization dedicated to supporting the tin industry and expanding use of tin. It is largely funded by tin producers and smelters. A primary objective is to ensure a market innovative, competitive and sustainable for tin.

ITRI provides a unique link between the producers of tin and tin and consumers for decades has built up global networks in all major markets using tin. sponsored and supported by its members, mainly miners and smelters, whose function is to include:
• Promote a positive image of tin and the tin industry through effective media communication and through conferences
• Provides reliable and accurate information useful to offset risks from materials or technology competition
• Identifying opportunities to differentiate between the producers and other managers
• Promoting dialogue across the supply chain and create opportunities for interaction or investment
• Provide information on the uses of tin and opportunities for innovation
• Improve the accuracy of the information on the production of tin and use of related industries or social issues
• Actually a page of an institution very meticulous in the treatment of news in general has to do with tin.
Through this website we enter through a link: http://www.regonline.co.uk/builder/site/Default.aspx?eventid=737717 entered a momentous event not yet disseminated tin in Bolivia but much respect to the Capital stagnation Bolivia: Tin International Conference 2010 which will take forward in Vancouver Canada from 17 May 19 to be discussed in the following agenda:
• The tin market outlook
• Consumption trends
• Supply issues
and for the institution which wishes to provide an email
conferencing@itri.co.uk be carried forward in the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver
mentioned that more than 60 companies and over 120 delegates and are accredited to this great event among some we can mention; London Metal Exchange. AIM Solder, Amalgamated Metal Corp., Kasba Resources, Hedd Malaysia Sdn Consolidated Tin Mines Limited and many more
What also strikes us is the name of a specialist: Peter kettle member of this institution and very knowledgeable of the tin, your website would be a real achievement http://www.peterkettle.co.uk invite such an illustrious personage Huanuni due to its exceptional expertise in mining for tin.
And in Bolivia as we are? Taking into account our traditional mining vocation can say nothing, no mention of such an event, in exonerating the government will say that all data are in English, but mining is not at least a translator?
We fervently hope in view of the lack of government assist in rethinking the future of tin that while the Huanuni Mining Company as such is not part of the conference at least Comibol ministry of mining or if it does, but the ideal would be that there at least one underground mine worker to show the reality Huanuni mining since the government only remembers when a strike by workers or other measures of pressure, the government must wonder what will become the capital of the Bolivian tin once you get down he price of tin? Do you promote the creation of alternative employment in Huanuni for the unemployed? What tangible benefits for Huanuni leave the management of our compatriot Genaro Canaviri at the head of management department of mining? Will we someday capital not only tin but to become the capital of national development? Export of raw material could certainly have value-added exports, then return the palpable Logar resources generated, would achieve the economic diversification of Huanuni aniseed instead of the classical dependence Tin, all see the army not to care gorse on the streets apart from improvised solutions to which we have used the government to set aside the extractive mindset that we usually Evo Morales and his entourage of ministers who do nothing more than fill your mouth with the ranting of change but in reality little by little the other side is negative total oblivion as in this case the future of mining.
We hope that instead of generating this criticism, help link our huanuneña Tin mining in the global context.
Ramiro Andrade Ramos Former senior officer of cultures of C. Huanuni I. L.P. 3386430

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